There’s Treasure Everywhere

I had something to blog about just now that has totally run away from my brain. I’ve been completely side tracked today planning for a music video we’re doing next week. Its all been a bit rushed but we’re basically trying to get something together for a schools week resource which will be given out to loads of young people in Sheffield and so the schedule and the budget are tight. We’ve never done anything like this before and I started out today a bit stressed and overwhelmed but after a day of planning and scripting I’m quite excited. Today has been like an epic game of ‘find me’. We’ve had to find a grown up girl, a little girl, a spare guitarist, a spare bassist, a treasure box, some woods, a castle, an old necklace, a letter, 2 matching dresses, some clothes for us that we have not worn on stage before and probably wont ever wear again and some boys braces. Its been fun and apart from still having to raid my parents house while they are away and (hopefully) my friends wardrobe (who happens to be a very well dressed lady who’s clothes are amazing and sparkly and nicer than primark) we are nearly there and should be ready by Monday! Its made me realise that there really is treasure everywhere. I LOVE it. I love that we have no budget but are set to make something to be the best that we can out of the resources we already own and can pull together out of the things we have around us. Whats old and ordinary to me is unusual and exciting to someone else and vice versa. There’ll be no Matrix flying or autotuning our faces but hopefully we’ll be able to make something that tells a simple and important message that actually matters. But for now I’m tired and its sleep time – yes definately.

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