Decided to put the blackboard wall to good use and make it the backdrop for Elijah’s party invites. I’m braving 33 kids at the house – no entertainers. I would really really like to pay someone else to entertain a whole class of receptions in my lounge but ‘ugh money’ and so Joel and I are going to brave it and I now have a list of games and activities! We CAN do it!! Well, how hard can it be? :S


  1. I always find that i have far too many games planned and never even get through them, as by the time you have taken in eating food there really isn't that much time left! At Milly's princess and pirate party a game that went down really well was that i foil wrapped giant choc buttons- meant to be gold coins, but above was a cheaper option as they were BOGOF! i hid them all over the house and they were all given a value sandwich bag and told to go hunting for treasure as the King needed the princesses/pirates help as someone had stolen his treasure. They really loved it and then we had to count up everyone's treasure for the winner. I'm sure you've got loads of games and don't need any help but just one that they really enjoyed. Also did kiss the prince/princess blindfolded instead of pin tail on donkey and put lipstick on everyone and had to get closest to lips( paul thought it was inappropriate to have 4 yrs olds kissing princes and princesses!)


  2. Haha the thought of them all in lipstick! lol! Yeah these are a tough class – they don't play for long without fighting and though Holly's friends are easy to plan for I've observed this class at a few parties and know I'm going to have to be really on it in terms of fast paced keeping them busy. They don't do anything for long and will choose to opt out of playing/eating/doing anything if left to hover for too long! However – where I will stress I know I can depend on Joel to take the gentle yet bossy teacher role and keep them on track! I can just make the food and make it all look pretty!!


  3. Plus…this is a cheat party and totally the easy option as I already did a Princess and Pirate party when they were 3 and 1 – so I have a folder of things already!


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