Sylvanian News

So the girl wants a bike for her birthday – well she now needs one that fits her as she inconveniently keeps growing. She is also desperate for some animals to start her Sylvanian Families collection. Expensive little creatures but they are very cute and seem to have a good market on ebay so its a hobby I am happy to encourage so long as she is happy to not have many. Well I’m seeing what a friend might be able to do in the way of a bike discount and I’ve just found a good deal on some little bunny rabbits 🙂
A used cottontail rabbit family just sold on ebay for £6.20 plus £1.80 postage. RRP 16.99 new. So £8 for a used family is actually quite cheap for what I’ve seen on ebay… its quite a ridiculous market… but I just checked amazon again this morning and picked up this cute little fawn rabbit family for £9.63… they’ll come new in a box and everything!!


  1. I potentially have 3 MASSIVE sets on their way… all 2nd hand and 90s, but from my mum's best mate… said we can have them for half of what she'd get on ebay, there's a canal boat and everything I think 🙂 Will find out more asap! xx


  2. lol yes find out! Although I do quite like the idea that they are very small and very expensive and could live in a small shoe box… after this weeks 'lets sort this messy bedroom out' I'm happy to go minimal!


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