I was not as better as I’d planned today. Joel is also ill so it was more of a housebound day with a trip to coop for paracetamol. I did not have a budget allowance for medicines but we have certainly spent over. The side effects of these penicillin tablets is that for the whole of last night and the whole of today I have felt like a shed full of bits of wood. Everyway I lay and any position I am in a feel like there is something sharp and bulky inside my body that is sticking into one of my limbs or organs. Its really rubbish – shame I have about another week of having to take them. I’m hoping I just get beyond tired that I can sleep anyway and then I can kind of get back to life. Today, however, we did some painting, the kids re-organsied their room and earned 75p each for their efforts and tonight I’ve been spending time with my budget folders. I’m eagerly awaiting some expenses and my bit of wages to arrive. We are now living with our cash for the month in a jam jar and NOTHING in the bank account. I suppose its fun.
I did, however, just pay off this months definate installment on the credit card – so with £200 over to that we are now down to £7,951.93 D – ACE – I love having that all in one place – that just seems so much more managable 🙂

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