So Im having a miserable bed ridden few days with ‘quite severe tonsilitus’ but planning to be mended for this afternoon – we have a gig in Sheffield this evening. At least its nearby and I’m pretty sure I can stand up and just try my best to ignore how I feel for an hour and hope my voice holds out. Not only does it mess up a whole event if I cancel – it also means I lose out on getting paid – which I obviously can’t afford to do right now.
Anyway – I started making these a few days ago – some cute little wooden bunting flags which will either be a good party bag filler for Hollys party or part of a craft thing I can do with the girls – the idea being they get a short little piece of bunting each and the middle one will have their initial on. Good way to use up tester pots or leftover big pots of emulsion and some MDF we had clogging up the shed. I’d quite like to be finishing painting these rather than stuck in bed but thats not todays plan obviously!


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