I did my gig. I felt horrendous right up until sound check. I managed 3 songs before I had to sit down, came home, felt sick, ate beans on toast, drank lucozade, arrived as late as I could and I managed it. I did not faint, vomit or cry on stage and my voice held out until I talked for too long towards then end. Tomorrow I plan to see my beautiful children – its nearly the end of their holidays and I’ve been stuck in bed so I plan to enjoy them tomorrow and might just spend £3 of my £102 letting them go on the boats at the park – cos they deserve such an extravagance!!
Anyway – the plus side of being bed ridden (aside from having to spend money on prescriptions, paracetamol, lucozade and ravioli) was that I’ve entered TWO competitions. Loose Women and Dickinsons Real Deal. I entered on the website for free. So bonus if I win one of those?! Well… David Dickinson himself did point out -there has to be one winner and it could be you! So it COULD be me! That one is for £3000 – Loose Women on the other hand is £10,000 AND £5,000 in M&S vouchers… the ladies in the audience did a big ‘OOOooooooooohhhhhh!!’ at that – personally I would struggle to need that many pairs of pants but I could buy a round of pants and bras for everyone I know with that sort of a winning!


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