Well… first day of the new start has been somewhat of a let down. Day 1 of the £317 for June and June hasn’t even begun yet. CAR TAX COSTS £215!!! Onwards we go with £102…and this is actually the richest we’re likely to be for a long time 😦 Really not happy news – at all. Still… its sunny and we’re taking the children out tonight to a free gig and my parents have just brought round their fridge leftovers before they go away… so we have some basil, bacon and tomatoes… I can make us all a sandwich! Every cloud 🙂


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  1. Not so useful for this time round, but in your budgeting in terms of your bills account, you should include standard yearly outgoings in that too and divide it up to a monthly amount and transfer it across with the other money and then when your car tax comes up, the money is waiting in that account cos of your monthly payments towards it. So anything else you have to pay for like MOT, TV licence etc divide it up and transfer it monthly then there are no nasty surprises, cx


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