Hurray for earning £34 just by quite quickly sorting a bag of old clothes for the school toy and clothes sale. Yes, I would have probably got a bit more on ebay but the reality of me getting round to listing a load of stuff is not great as most of these things have been sitting in ebay bags for years waiting for their turn to get sorted through! Anyway… 35% has gone to school and my £34 will come in nicely – as well as going to the toy sale resulted in me getting an amazing monsoon dinosaur shirt and waistcoat for Elijah for £4 which will last him a few years of smart dressed occasions (as its a nice big size) and a gap cardy, a next dress and a pair of rollerblades for Holly for £3.80. Super. Only down side is that sorting through the bags of clothes resulted in me crying when I labelled up one of Hollys little dresses to sell… I now think I need to have another baby girl… so in the end I kept that one.



  1. i am going to do my own NCT style sale at my house when the next baby is about 3 months old, for that reason that listing every item of clothing would take forever on ebay and you pay them 10 % anyway. I am gonna give 25 % to charity of my choice and just have a set price on every item that will be about half of what i paid for it, or a bit more if it is pristine hardly worn…then everyone else is welcome to bring their stuff too and make a bit of money and give some away..maybe you could do one in your garden on a nice day if you've still got some more stuff. char x


  2. have you thought about framing the special dress? Maybe with a baby picture and you could do one with something small of Elijah's. Saw something similar in a show house at the Ideal Home Show – looked really cute in a bedroom.


  3. Joel's always wanted to frame one of their first little baby grows 🙂 We've never got round to it but have always meant to…and I do like the idea of doing that with some of the favorite things…or at least making sure I have lots of photos of them in them that remind me more of that time. I feel more justified that I can keep some of those most beautiful things forever as my most precious things are the things they've worn for years and are not going to be sellable anyway… I tend to buy things a bit big so that they last. Holly has a winter coat from Monsoon that is really lovely and I found for £20. I bought it a bit big and now shes been wearing it for 3 years and will possibly make it through another winter. I know that I'd get a bit for it but its not in great condition anymore… but in 10 years time I'm sure its that coat that will remind me of all of her childhood! Good idea Char, especially if you can get friends on board with it. This one I guess was a bit similar… I didn't mind 35% going to the school and I didn't mind checking out what the well dressed children of this area had grown out of either! Aparently there was a stampede at the beginning – which I missed out on..and probably a good thing to save me from coming home with armfulls of panic-bought boden that wont fit anyone! Joel was trying to persuade us to buy a £6 pram to sell on ebay. I said no thank you!


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