Day 225: Its 00:48

It’s 00:48 and I’ve just about finished sending emails and making arrangements for work… this is all so that tomorrow when I wake up (for my ‘day off’) I can know that I’ve cleared up most of the scraggy bits of work so that I can just concentrate properly on a couple of big work deadlines. Its all a bit crazy and its almost a bit much… but its also quite brilliant to be doing a job that we’re seeing high demand for and that we’re really seeing what we worked so hard and for so long to set up and establish really works… and aside from all the admin I’ve had to plough through today the most crucial part of my working day was being able to sit with a group of 20 teenage girls and just share my experiences and thoughts to help them hopefully work through the issues they are facing. Tonight was all about sex and relationships. I love it that all my stories and experiences – the good, the bad and the funny can all just be used in equal measure just to get girls taking control of their own choices and valuing who they are. And its a bonus that I’ll even earn a bit of money for being there… shame I’m not on double overtime for emails I have to send t 00:48.

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