Day 223: Party Planning

Yes we’re getting on with it a little early. But I never managed to blog my way through kids party spending last year as I was just too busy at the time doing it all a bit madly. Anyway – both children decided on their party ideas on boxing day this year so 6/7 months planning time is probably plenty! Holly would like a Garden Party and Elijah a Spaceman party.
Garden Party ideas… go!… ok we’ll have lots of bunting… I will have to use material I have for occasions from the ‘needing some spare material’ box and I shall make some, picnic rugs and cushions outside, den made out of Hollys old bed, games, bead making, we’ll make hanging lanterns out of old jam jars (need to save them) tea lights (I have hundreds) and some wire? will need some glass paints (google) and maybe how about some candle making – that’d be fun….oooh maybe with some dried leaves and flowers in to make them extra gardeny – sure I can hire something from the council… games… will think of some later… giant cup cake for the birthday cake and that can be enough ideas for right now! Ok so budget – I have no idea. Lets aim for £100 in total – food, party bags, prizes, decorations – everything…but must be in keeping with my normal party standards.

Just got back from filming… managed to dig out some v. cheap tesco straightners out of the loft and they had to do. Filming was good but it was SOOOO hot – bad idea to plan to wear a jacket in one of the songs!


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