Day 222: Ergh

Just had a weird couple of hours… I’m filming for some TV tomorrow – I need 2 outfits for performances and I had no clue on one of them and had one of those evenings where you try on everything you own and none of it is right. Had a dress that I got for Christmas that the material was right on but the shape all wrong. It had a fairly high neckline and big puffy but short sleeves – the kind of thing that looks amazing on Fearne Cotton but no one else in the world can quite pull it off. Ive worn it – but with a jacket over – which means deep inside that I don’t really like the way it looks so I’ve hidden it a bit – but I had a brave moment with a pair of scissors this evening and decided to see what it might look like if I took the sleeves off… Not very good was the answer but thankfully I found that out by taking just one sleeve off and then managed to get a bit of vision and worked out that I could make it into a one shoulder dress very easily and that would make the neckline more flattering as well as keeping at least one quirky sleeve. Just need to sew it up at 1.30 am ready for tomorrow!
Worse than that my GHDs actually just exploded. Actually this is more like what happened. 1. I just washed my hair – its a sensitive shade of blonde right now. If I style it right and get my make up right I love it – but when I’ve just washed it its frizzy and that makes it seem a horrid colour. So anyway… my power cable for my laptop has been a bit dodgy recently. It keeps sparking, which is a bit worrying. I plugged it in and there was a big BANG noise- and half the house went quiet. I had been getting my straighteners ready to use – so had to unplug them and waited for Joel to make the electricity work again and plugged them in and started straightening my hair. Then after about 2 minutes they did this big sparky fire thing right in my hand and BANG and thats them dead too. So I’m quite understandably a little scared of touching anything electric right now… especially as I came back upstairs and needed to plug Joels lamp in – mine is still on the fused plug that doesn’t want to work. I picked up what I assumed was the plug to his lamp and as I connected it there was the loudest most scary noise I have ever heard and made my cry and think my life was actually over. It was actually just the radio at full volume that I happened to plug in – not the best thing to happen in my uber jumpy state.
So aside from having to sew up my dress I also have bright yellow frizzy hair that I can do nothing about and off I go to be on TV tomorrow!

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