Day 220: The kitchen

Aside from having an uber annoying day of having to work when I wanted to be on holiday and spending time with my family we have managed to have a day of being home and letting the kids go mad with playdough (homemade and recipe amended to include cream of tartar – NOT tartar sauce as I got very wrong last time) and Joel has been cracking on with the kitchen tiles. Its all fun… I’ve been enjoying a bit of plastering and painting and he’s been doing some sawing and drilling and stuff and today the tiling is started! I wanted to blog about Wren kitchens just because I know I blogged about them when we ordered the kitchen and I’ve not said much since then. Then, the other morning I woke up in a horrible stressed state as I had dreamed that Wren had completely ripped us off – not delivered a kitchen at all, taken a load of money off us and were continuing to do so because they had our bank details. In fact they ended up being a totally fake company and it was all horrible. Then I realised I felt that way as I’d been so annoyed at Virgin Media the day before and felt that I should blog to actually say that Wren were really good. They are real and they sold us a good kitchen at a good price, they measured it all themselves and delivered it exactly when they said they would and the cupboards already assembled which saved us loads on the fitting. Like Wren. Loathe Virgin Media. Our kitchen is starting to feel really homely now and is great for making our home really feel like its ours. Wren were really good at working with us on our budget and because they helped us to cut back on the things we were not so precious about it has meant we’ve been able to afford to spend on the tiles we did really want, and not to compromise the stone we wanted for a cheaper fake stone and has meant we’ve been able to get real oak worktops instead of a laminate. We like them ๐Ÿ™‚ and they gave us a really good deal on our worktops too ๐Ÿ™‚
Today the solicitor letter came about the land. That’s the last phase of spending and what we got the extra mortgage for… time to buy some land and make it into a usable space with the money we have left and before the kids birthday parties! Go!

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