Day 219: Legoland

Today, being the first proper day of half term, was the first of the planned outings. We’ve been bracing ourselves that half term may be quite expensive and we have £30 cash for ‘family treats’ left for the month. Good job then that Tesco points exist and we had some Legoland Discovery vouchers that expire at the end of the week – that was todays entertainment sorted. Good flippin job they were ‘free’ though! The downside of using Tesco vouchers to get in there is that you cant pre book. The downside of Legoland was that even the people who had prebooked were left waiting about 40 mins after their booked in time. We had to queue for over an hour. Then when we got in finally after queuing amongst about 100 really angry complaining people (which doesn’t make the queuing experience any more enjoyable) we finally got inside to have to queue for another 15 mins for the ride. It would have been an ‘ok’ place to go had it not been half term – (but when else can you take school age children somewhere for children?) – but for the fellow queuers who did not have Tesco points it was £14.50 to get in ?!? EACH!!?! There were a few nice models, a lot of trays of bricks for kids to build their own ‘towers’ … and a big tub of bricks to sit in. Playgroup was better equipped and that cost 50p entry per child and I used to get a cup of filter coffee and a biscuit for that too! So… at least we’ve been and we don’t have to go again. Still…aside from petrol to get over to Manchester… we spent £3 on sticker books – needed to pass the time in the queue, we packed a monster picnic and when I was tempted to go buy a cup of tea to drink while the kids were sitting in lego the queue was so long I decided to go thirsty and save money too – and then on the way back to the car I found a really good boys winter coat for Elijah for next year (had been looking online for one as well just last night) in John Lewis for just £16. Highlight of the day 🙂 So…£3 out of the family treats budget and £16 out of the kids needs budget… thats quite a good half term day! Totally overplayed alphabet names, alphabet foods and alphabet ‘things’ though… long times in queues and cars have meant by resolve to not give my children DS’s or DVD players for the car, or MP3 players has been a little challenged!


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