Day 218:

Not sure why I do this to myself every so often…and then promise myself I will NEVER put myself through it again – home hair dye.
I’ve decided to go back to being blonde. I like my hair dark but 2 years has been a long sint of dark hair for me and now I’m craving the change. I went to my hairdressers a couple of weeks ago and we did the first phase of highlights. Some of it went blonde, some went orangy and some stayed dark – it looked ok but I dont like the medium stage and I was going to have to go back soon to have the next phase done and then keep going back to get the roots done. I worked out this was going to be expensive. Anyway a packet of dye from boots is £5 and I can pay for that with my boots advantage points so its basically free – so I did that and the blonde lady on the front has been beckoning me to become like her and dye it. Starting a 45 minute dye at 12.30 was a bit silly as I’ve got to be up at 8am… but thats what I did. So, now, I sit with a towel on my head at 1.39am and I’m pretty sure my hair is a yukky shade of orange. 🙂 all fun and games.



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