Day 215:

Well the week has been a task – electrics on and off and cooker kind of working, kind of not. Last night I resorted to buying a supply of microwave meals and we’re just about through to Friday now… then I think we should see a kitchen being built which will be exciting. To add to the slight inconvenience of it all I also broke the toaster this week – which was one thing we had which warmed food up. Ooops and thats another thing to add into the budget!
Tonight though I had to leave work early to collect the kids so was in a bit of a rush to get everything done there, then had to get up to school, down to dancing, over for some petrol and back to collect from dancing and driving home at 5pm with 2 hungry, tired, cold children wondering how they were going to take to having to eat a microwave meal (they have never had one of those!). I pulled up on the drive to find a hot potato bake sausage and kidney bean meal still hot and wrapped in foil and a big cake on the doorstep! How very cool is that! Instant surprise dinner! One of the most wonderful people in the whole world goes to our church and she just happened to pick the perfect time!

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