The bad news, the good news and the target.

Well I’ve been excited about today for a long time. I was supposed to be enjoying a half done kitchen this evening – but while I was out this morning Joel called to tell me his mate, who was coming over to look at the electrics had found the whole kitchen circuit needed re doing and that the oven for the whole time we have lived here has been running off a really dangerous circuit. How annoying… but mainly because it means he needs to do that this week and so the kitchen fitters have had to go home and wait for another week before they start again. We have no sink and a dangerously wired oven. We’re moving into my mum and dads for a week then!
Tonight though we’ve sorted the budgets. I’ve got my £40 left over spending money for the rest of January as cash in my purse and I’m excited that I’ve managed to save something for more than 1 day! Better still 3 credit cards have been condensed down to 1. We paid off one and combined the other two and this year we will be working hard to pay off £9321.72 D – Oh my…thats a lot of money!

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