Day 213: Out with the old, in with the new

To reach the plug socket yesterday I had to climb on the edge of the sofa, lean onto a bag of tupperwear and over a big box, while carefully not disturbing the big pile of boxes stacked to one side of me. Our new kitchen has arrived! It lives inside these boxes in these mountains of boxes. Our old kitchen is still here and stacked in piles of differently sized brown shapes and the contents of our kitchen are in other sorts of boxes wherever they will go. Yesterday I needed to wrap a present… “Joel do you know where the sellotape is? Yes, its in the basket in the bag of water jugs on the lounge table. Thanks. Do you know where there are any scissors? Yes. In the cardboard box next to the sofa which has the box inside which used to be in the second drawer down.” It’s a bit interesting here this week! Plus we also just disconnected the gas hob – how do you make tea with no hob? I had my first taxing tea time trying to think through what you can make with out the aid of the hob and I ended up with baked potatoes, fish fingers and salad. Tonight we can have roast vegetable and cream cheese strudel – then I’m all out of ideas :S
But…’out with the old’ wise… our old kitchen will be collected this week and hurray for selling it on ebay for £350! Plus we already sold the fridge on there for £90. Better than hiring a van to take it to the dump once its sledgehammered to pieces!

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