Day 209: Welcome to my world…

So this is my kitchen. Actually this is no longer what it looks like as now there are 2 less cupboards and there is twice as much mess. Still – there is Joel managing to serve up some spaghetti with the handy tub of bolognaise I cooked last week and stored in the freezer even despite there being no room for actual food at the moment! I have spent enough time looking for range cookers on ebay these past 2 weeks that I have made myself dizzy – so when the one I was convinced I would get (and that I’d found in the wrong category and I was sure no one would see it) jumped from £200 to £390 in the last minute- when it it is a model that is around £600 brand new (and had no cooker hood so I would have had to find and collect one of those) I was finally fed up enough to go back to the currys website and order us a new one. No risky issues of it not working, no cleaning muck before you’ve used it, no petrol down to London or wherever it is and a nice warranty to give you a bit of peace of mind. All of that and a cooker hood too for just over £600 and delivered on Monday… So budgeting is almost at a stage we know it can be done, the whole house is an obstacle of bags to step over, at least the next week and a half will be chaos…but its all good 🙂



    it's a little bit cheeky but perfectly legal and in keeping with eBay standards. it should increase your chances of winning items on the cheap by a lot, and stop people reacting last minute to cause those nasty price jumps.

    let me know if you fancy it and i'll recommend you so we both get some free snipes 🙂


  2. A for short as AJ is such a long name?
    Ahh I think I have heard of that… quite handy for if you're busy at the end of the auction – but normally I will bid my maximum in the last 10 seconds. I just quite like the adrenalin rush of it and it stops me being able to over bid as time is gone as soon as I've done it!


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