Day 208: My wall…

I have always wanted to have a chalkboard wall. In our last house we had a limited budget for decorating and were renting so I had to choose between magnetic paint and blackboard paint and I was just too intrigued to try magnetic paint as that just seemed so clever. I painted over the tiles on one wall in the kitchen and it was very cool but not everso strong. I’ve not bothered to try to do anything exciting with our kitchen yet – well once I painted it bright blue when Joel was out at a meeting – he came home to a surprise… I like to keep things interesting! I’ve added various wall art – such as a big MDF deer covered in blue flocked art paper. We borrowed a projecor from work, googled images of bambi, projected and traced round the outline onto some spare MDF and jigsawed it – can’t remember why now. But essentially our kitchen has been so full of the previous owners personality that it doesn’t seem to agree with mine. Hurray for a new kitchen!
So later today I’m going to buy some blackboard paint! I dont normally like to publicly document things in process just in case they go very wrong – in which case I need not mention that anything ever happened – so I am being quite brave because I am a little nervous about the idea. Im not worried about the black. Joel did question why we were going to such lengths in getting a whole new kitchen to be much lighter than the last one if I was going to paint an entire wall black. He could be right – but its all about shape and space and using colour to create a feeling – so if the kitchen plan is good and works then the colour wont be a problem…and I am a fan of black wallpaper. I have clack wallpaper in the lounge, charcoal and silver in the hallway – which most people say they love and hallways are normally supposed to be plain magnolia as standard, black and silver wallpaper in the study and I picked out a gorgous black wallpaper for our bedroom when we moved in which mum and Joel persuaded me to take back as mum said it would look like a brothel… I took it back and 3 weeks later saw my wallpaper done in exactly the way I’d planned with the exact shade of paint I’d chosen to go with it on a design programme. So maybe there are enough black walls in my life… but lets do it anyway!
So my worry is this – in googling blackboard walls I’ve not been as inspired as I am in my imagination. They seem to fall into one of 2 categories… Old skool school style or Cafe menu board… and there are loads of examples of people creating this look in their homes…not what I’m after :S Here are some of the ones I think I like…


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  1. quite a few of my friends have blackboard walls and they work well, one has shocking pink sparkly blackboard wall and the other ones black. works well with kids , char x


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