Day 206: The homemade homemaking kit

One of the kids favorite Christmas presents this year was one of the things they got from their Aunty Emily (shes brand new and has only been officially an aunty since October when my brother married her) and Uncle Andrew (or Clandrew, as he is better known). This was a genious little idea and the kids were so excited… a gingerbread making set! So on Christmas day they were presented with a gift bag with a big glass jar of all the ingredients, tied with ribbon holding the instructions and the cutters (mrs gingerbread lady and mr gingerbread man) and packed in were the rasins for the eyes and smarties for the buttons and some tubes of colourful writing icing. Not only did it look gorgeous but they’ve been so excited about making them. Today was the first nice day back after school when none of the three of us needed to go anywhere. There were no play dates or early tea and homework done and a chance to choose something to all do together. The gingerbread kit won hands down for their activity of choice and because it was their gift I tried my best to let them get totally stuck in, make a bit of a mess and roller a bit wonky…I let them make it their own. We had a brilliant family tea time where we each decorated 2 for our pudding… though Joel maybe took his a bit more seriously than a 31 year old man should do. We love homemade 🙂


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