Day 205: Prize Tub

While the whole of my house is split into different piles of recycling I also had to deal, yesterday, with the stuff that gets put on top of the kitchen cupboards. This really needs a good sort out – mainly because in dismantling our kitchen we wont have any kitchen cupboards to stuff things onto for a while – eeeeek! So this has been the home of the wine glass boxes, the baking tins, the face paints, the birthday decoration boxes, the tealights, the medicine, the daddy box of batteries, and odd things that I don’t understand, and the children’s work that has come off the display of the fridge but we can’t bin it. But One of the big boxes has made me happy… my prize tub!
Of all the recycling that is going on in different sized mountains around me the prize tub is recycling brilliance. All the party bag toys all the lollies your child doesn’t need the 5th one of on their way home from a party already fulled with enough sugar, all the odd bits an pieces from your own party toys and sweets – like when you needed to buy another set of 8 pirate bubbles but only needed 5 of them, a few odd balloons and anything that needs using up but there aren’t enough to use or they don’t go with the the party theme etc… they all go in a big tub to make the prize tub. Then every party game you do the winners get to dig around and choose something from there – saves on buying another big bag of sweets, means kids can choose between sweets and toys – so the ones that actually don’t want more sugar don’t have to have it and kids just love it!! (and lets hope they don’t recognise that the monster bouncy ball actually came from their party last weekend! So while so many things are getting sorted and cleared out this month – I might just revamp and make more space for a bigger party prize tub!

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