Day 204.

The meal plan is going good. In fact I’m very glad I blogged it as I somehow tore out the actual list of foods from my ‘meal plan’ notebook and got stuck just now trying to work out from my shopping list (which I do still have) what meals I might have thought of… so remembering I’d blogged it has saved me that task! We are 1 week in and I think its going well. Technically I should be able to last a whole week more without going to the supermarket and so far I have done just 1 trip for 8 pints of milk (and 2 half price green triangles that I bought for me and Joel for a movie night in – which I only just remembered I’d forgotten and are still in my bag :S)

One slight glitch in the meal plan so far happened today when I ended up with the hungriest little boy needing a proper good meal when I’d planned not to feed him as he was going to a party. I’m not a big fan of play centre parties at the best of times. I know they’re great for the kids to run around and wear themselves out while you just hope they don’t get lost down some big tube because you have no idea where they are… but today… the children were all given neon shoelaces in their party bags. Shoelaces that are suitable length for the size of a pair of doc martens. Weird. More weird was the food. The party was 11-1. By 12.30 the children were hungry – some were practically crying because they were so hungry. At 12.40 they were taken into the party room and sat at the table… and served with quavers and custard creams. That was it. Actually true – no sandwiches, no salad, not even alternative crisps or biscuits – just quavers and custard creams. Then each of them were given a bun for pudding. My poor boy complained of being sick all the way home. He’s never sick and he looked terrible. We fed him a homemade banana and mango milkshake while I made him a bowl of soup and we got the colour back in his face strait away. That was just weird.


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