Day 202: Not shopping

There is nothing like your house being a complete mess to secure a good shopping trip with no purchases. Today Joel and I had a rare Saturday afternoon without the children. They were off on a theatre trip Christmas treat from my mum and dad and so we decided we’d go to town. Joel had a waterstones voucher and actually spent the entire time looking at every book to decide what he would spend it on and so even though I started off interested..then got to the stage of pretending to still be interested…and then was quite done in the book shop…I ended up wandering over to TK Max to look at what amazing bargains they might have that I always hear about. Well I didn’t even get close to buying…even things that were really cheap and really useful/pretty/just what we need didn’t tempt me as I rembered how much I am desperately trying to sort out and get rid of or make better use of. I just don’t need more stuff right now! Poor Joel finally decided what he wanted after an hour…went to the till to read a little handwritten sign telling him that due to a technical fault they were unable to take cards or gift cards today 😦 Awwww.
Shopping trip today – no spends 🙂


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