Day 197: Brain Freeze

Well there are so many things I want to blog about and so many sums going round my head… but I seem to have brain freeze about them all. I just cant seem to bring myself to sit down with pen and paper and add up some sums that I just need to do.
Today, after the few weeks Ive had the biggest issue I want to allow myself to worry about is snow boots.
Snow boots cost around £25. Decathlon has some good ones – I got them nice and early for my kids as I knew they’d sell out on the first snow day. they did and I was right. I didn’t think of getting any for me. It snowed and in my wellies with 4 paits of socks including 1 pair of Joel’s thermal socks my feet really froze and I really suffered. I was so jealous of my children’s boots. I didnt want to spend £25 and by the time I made it down to Decathlon to ‘look at them’ they had all sold out. They have some now and apparently its going to snow again this week. Hmmmmm… to snow boot or not to snow boot :S


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