Yessssssss… at last!

I’m so relieved to have had a good day financially! Thank you Mr Child Tax Credit… 55.50 to go onto my overdraft… 6 days left now and £287.77 to find… seems manageable and also a wonderful friend has offered to lend me if I cant make it… which I’m going to try not to do but is a nice safety net to know about.
Mr Mortgage Man has just been here… Its time to get off our rubbish fixed rate mortgage and it coincides with hearing back about the land at the side of our house that we’ve been trying to buy from the council. The story is this…
The council own a piece of waste land next to our house… its overgrown and has some great trees in including the plum tree that we make tonnes of jam from. We asked if we could buy it and they said this – “Its possible and we’ll work out a fee but it is likely that we will ask you to pay 50% of anything you add to the value of the house” (not an ACTUAL quote tbh). Hmmmm…? So we pay for the land and pay for an extension…and you are allowed to claim the profit? “Yes… but as soon as the value is added… not when you sell” Right…? So we pay for the land? Yes And the extension? Yes And then we give you some money? Yes. Even though we won’t have even made it yet? Yes. Thats a bit tight isn’t it? Yes.
So… nice survayor has valued it and helped us to negotiate… They eventually after 8 months offered us the land WITHOUT the tight, ridiculous clause for £11,000… Nice survayor told us to say no – so we did and they’ve now offered it for £6,000… BETTER!
So… got a meeting with our mortgage advisor today… we decided to extend the mortgage just to get enough for the land… not the extension… yet… (incase I get tempted in Top Shop!… a SENSIBLE decision by ME) So to re-mortgage we get a penalty for switching mortgage, extending our mortgage to buy the land… and our monthly repayments will DROP by £150! Brilliant…Totally brilliant! Finally a bit of positive news in the Toombs house about money!

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