Day 188: The Robbers

So I’ll get back to the party… I need to find a notebook, a calculator and a pen to work through that one… but am in the process of planning Elijah’s party with the very real knowledge that there is no budget really 😦 So the days are coming and going and I still have a very real £366.34 D to clear from my overdraft before it closes down in 7 days! I’m dealing with it in a calm, matter of fact way… and not letting it stress me… but one thing that I’m failing to deal with in such a manner is the parking ticket Joel received for PAYING FOR HIS TICKET BUT NOT PUTTING THE NUMBERPLATE IN – serious!! Sommerfield in Broomhill car park – you are heartless and cruel. They are expecting £100 for THAT. Absolutely sickening… and completely crippling to our bank account. It makes me so mad, makes me feel so completely defeated… we have no choice but to pay that, and be fined bank charges cos we cant afford an extra £100. I hate money. I hate the way the world works and I no longer care.

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