Day 187: The Wonderland Tea Party

36928_441668610475_6825941_n35740_441668980475_5452163_nA room full of very excited little boys and girls. This party was so much fun.



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Painting the roses red.

These fake white rose bushes were from BM bargains.



Party Bags

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Charity shop china


Thank you Beth for the mad hatter cake!


One party down… this was a bit too much fun to organise. So much so that I found myself so preoccupied printing out A4 playing cards to stick onto card to hang from the ceiling and painting some fake white rose bushes red and making mini eat me flags, drink me tags for tea pots and customising individual party bags that I realised the night before that I’d overlooked planning any actual games! Maybe 5 year olds would not simply be satisfied looking at how pretty the decorations were and might need entertaining!? Nevertheless I pulled together a treasure hunt, a red and black ‘queen of hearts’ pass the parcel and also had some plaster of paris frames to paint and T shirts to decorate with iron-on Alice style t shirt transfers I’d printed off.
So this was Holly’s Wonderland Tea Party…
Beth constructed this amazing Mad Hatters cake and I dared to give 5 year olds bits of miss-matching china instead of the usual safe ikea plastic plates. £2 for a whole crate of plates means I dont mind too much if we lose the odd few… but I think they appreciated being able to pour apple juice from tea pots!

The wonderland theme is such a good one for there being a billion ideas for food and games and decorations. It was really hard to stop thinking of amazing and ridiculous ideas and I did consider hiring/constructing giant props to make an area for us all to have shrunk. If I was Victoria Beckham and had her level of party budget it would have been immense! (just as well Holly loved it anyway)

One girl seems to have been so amazed that she told her mum the table moved and the cups and plates danced…hurray for capturing little imaginative minds!




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