Day 183: All you can eat

There’s nothing that puts more pressure on than an all you can eat buffet. I’m constantly reminded by my parents how they spent a small fortune on a really posh one in Paris when I was little and all I ate was a piece of bread and some gravy. Last night we went out for a friends birthday and for an all you can eat indian. I knew that being someone who can’t eat a whole curry from a normal curry house I wasn’t very optimistic so I made an even sillier mistake and missed lunch (thinking I’d be hungrier – did the opposite and took my appetite away completely. Last night I paid £15 for a few pieces of lettuce, a quarter of a tomato, an onion baji, 2 small pieces of chicken (which was all part of the starter) and by the time we got to the buffet main part I was too full to eat any of it and managed to force about 3 mouthfuls in.
Ah well, at least I offset the cost by wearing a free dress 🙂


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