Day 181:

Well I was all ready to write a post last night but instead my evening went like this…
Finish writing my song (for work)
record my song… finish recording… go to listen back… song starts… song unexpectedly stops… garageband does nothing for 5 minutes… I get impatient and shut it down… work is lost… open it up… record my song… repeat for most of the night.
This was interspersed with some moments of learning my lesson and clicking save somewhere in that process but in the end the whole easy little 5 minute job took me until half past midnight.
Still… I have met my deadline of having the demo ready for today and I’m relieved to have a basis for this one… Its been tough to write as this song was started by someone else and they wanted me to use a set melody… so all I needed to do was set words into that. I find that is the hardest way to write. It can be quite restrictive and difficult to get the scanning of syllables to flow and sound right. Still I am reasonably happy with it… but I’m quite ready for a break from it after a tough few weeks feeling stuck… will be happy to take it to an open table and rip it to shreds if need be. Have a cold. Here starts friday!

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