Day 179: Promised

Well a few people have rightly told me off for not blogging. Its not the only thing… I’m behind on the washing, the Wii fit, the shopping and all sorts of other things – a sign that I need a holiday! Well tomorrow I’m having a bit of a retreat day… a chance to spend the day with coffees and a notebook. I feel like I’ve not had any proper thinking space for ages and I’m looking forward to it. Sitting on a train is always good for starting that off and sitting on a train is also necessary as I lead into the next money update.
Friday night we went over to Roots Conference, Southport. It was a good night but we ended up leaving late and I finally got home at about 3.30am – far too tired and I never want to drive that late again. I can stay awake till 3.30 but when you have to get up for children at 7 and then the space between midnight and 3.30 you’re staring at a dark road an the three other people in the car are all getting sleep its pretty much torture. The most awake moment of the journey was being pulled over by the police… they were nicely doing that thing when they have no one to chase so they type in random numberplates and check the details as they drove past and ten minutes later had waited to pull me over. My darling husband had forgotton to get the MOT done so three months out of date and I come home at 3.30am with a nice £60 fine. Great 😦

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  1. Oh dear the drive home and the fine are not so great but I know you did a cracking performance that blessed those kids..!


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