Day 178: Dust myself off and start again

Here’s a dusty hat… I resoircesfully remembered my mum had bought this hat about 15 years ago. We laughed at her and said it was ridiculous and that she couldn’t seriously wear it… in a ‘oh- my mums so embarassing’ sort of way… only our is actually quite embarrassing. So yesterday after work I had a couple of hours to do some baking and make a wonderland costume… I was gutted to have lost/sold/given away my red dress which I’d banked on using for the base of a queen of hearts outfit and so suddenly had a mild stress… remembered mums hat and rang up grovelling. Big sticky out black skirt, stripy golddigger vest top, major backcombing and black eye makeup, hat arrives and phew – we have some sort of mad hattery goth esq me!
I’ve been all over the place over the past few weeks. Spring Harvest had exhausted me and I’m not quite back into the swing of life… in fact its hard to be in the swing of anything when a suitcase has exploded all over the floor and I cant get out of bed without standing on spring harvest washing… so time to get that sorted! I also have had a total freeze in income until yesterday. I’ve not blogged as theres been nothing but nothing to say. However… some cheques have come in and I want to carry on carrying on with this. So today…operation ‘get my life sorted’. Starting with washing and deep conditioning my hair!

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