Day 177: A bit of summertime

I can’t see the screen all that well but I’m getting a good dose of vitamin D out in the garden while the sun shines just a bit and I’ve been doing a bit of party planning. We’re all still in the honeymoon period with the Wii but I’m loving it so far… I’m justifiably achy to count prabably 2 months of gym membership towards the cost… I know I’ve done more excersise than I would ever motivate myself to do in the real world all thanks to wanting to be top of the score board!
So I was all set up to do some craft with the kids. At the shops the other day we went off to H&M to buy them each a plain summer T shirt. 1.99. And a pack of T shirt transfer paper. £11.99 for 10 A4 sheets from WH smiths. The idea come when I loved the simplicity of this T shirt. (Its from… I love that site – however this T shirt costs more than I would pay for a kids t shirt) So the plan was to make our own version of something similar… probably not ‘elvis’ but we’ll have a think on that… However… yesterday Elijah wanted to try his on… stupidly I let him and forgot at tea that he was still wearing it…huge spoonful of yoghurt all down his new black T shirt…and literally 2 minutes after I’d set the last wash going… so that plan will have to wait till later. But it has given me a party plan idea. I went to a T shirt decorating party when Holly was 2… she loved it but I happen to know that that one activity as well as typical junk party food and a party bag full of plastic rubbish cost my friends £16 a head for that. Worse than the cost was the fact that this ‘T shirt decorating party’ at £16 a head had supplied what we thought would have been fabric pens – but no – apparently, as we all found out an iron and a wash later, they’d just stuck a load of ordinary felt tips on the table… so sad children all round!
So… plan 1: My pet peeve is rubbish in a plastic bag. I don’t judge other people on their party bags… but I won’t be paying to send children home with things to go strait in the bin. Why should I? Last year mine contained planting seeds (mixed with glitter as it was a woodland fairy party) hair clips I made myself and reading books amongst a few sweets to keep them happy in the car!
My strength is the making activities and being creative so I do tend to spend a lot on having nice stuff to do and make. Last year we made fairy wands from chop sticks, cardboard flowers, wooden flowers and glitter, did hair braiding with real ribbon (about 1.50 for 20m from lardystick on ebay…AMAZING value) and did facepainting. So this year lets simplify and bring it together…I have 2 parties in 1 month so the aim is to cost it down… If we do T shirt decorating at the party then the finished product can make the bulk of the party bag… would that work? 1 beautiful summery T shirt, a few sweets and a piece of cake all wrapped up in a nice brown paper bag and personalised by the birthday boy and girl… (Which is also another afternoon of activity ideas right there for a rainy day). Should keep the mums and the kids happy?
Need: Pre-printed objects/ letters/ pictures onto transfer paper (my chance to be resourceful and creative (aprox 20p per child) 1 T shirt per child (1.99 at the most) piece of cake (ummm…depends what I make but not many pennies for that) small bag of sweets (10p) Brown paper bag (2p) Bits of ribbon and card for labels (5p?) So cost at the most for party bag AND 1 activity £2.40 per child… For the same price (excluding delivery) if I was to get in pre filled party bags I’d get …
For the girls… but only the pen OR pencil

Or for the boys…

I think I like my idea better.



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