Day 173: Still…

People everywhere seems to be having a hard time…but in hard times friends pull together… and I’m glad to be pulled on.
We’re still praying for Catherine… for some reason her death doesn’t feel right and people all over the world now have been moved to pray for her. Its a miracle in itself that the hospital haven’t rushed the postmortem and are allowing a big delay…and even more unheard of that people from the church have access to go in to pray with the body and the whole place is talking about it. Joel has been in and he only ever met her once! Things do happen in dead bodies and its not uncommon for them to move but I’ve heard that people have felt flutters of pulse… not strong ones but flutters, there has been heat felt in her body by a few people and 2 accounts of tears running down her face. That in particular is not something that happens. Wouldn’t it be amazing…


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