Day 172: Wierd week

Sometimes I think we can get through life just following simple patterns and getting on with it giving thought to God and saying that He is central but essentially just doing what we hope is the right thing… other times its really clear he wants to intervene and do something that’s very much his call – and wants us to know that. I don’t understand whats going on at the moment but everything somehow is all very surreal and significant but I can’t say that I get any of it. This month has been hard… This weekend has been personally one of the hardest most emotional times I think I’ve ever had… but for no apparent reason… I just feel broken. Thursday Joel went out to meet some new people… He’s been meeting up to discuss some new ideas with a network called the Pioneer network which is essentially a group of Christians who are committed to being pretty radical and living out their faith in ways that reach out to people in the real world… it was a pretty significant day but also for no apparent reason 3 different people during that day gave him a word for our family that were all very accurate but also a bit criptic but all the same. The next day we got another message from someone else to both of us with the same thing… none of those people knew each other or had seen us in ages…2 had never met us before. Also on that Thursday Joel met one of the girls from that group called Catherine… 26 and a full time evangelist… yesterday we heard she had collapsed and died suddenly and for no apparent reason. Tonight Joel’s over at their church with loads of people praying we see her raised from the dead. The hospital are holding off her autopsy because of a church full of people believing that’s not the end of her life here… people think that alice in wonderland is surreal… seems pretty tame right now… I’m just praying that God does do what I have no doubt that he can do…

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