Day 168: Getting somewhere

So after my rather ranty last two posts it seems God must read my blog… I’ve just had a wonderful parents evening where Holly’s teacher has nothing much to say to us as she is just doing really well in all areas of school. I decided to hang on before I tackle the soup issue with school – I’d rather keep sending her with it for as long as I can before they categorically tell me (again) that I must not do it…and then I’ll have the debate…rather than have it now and potentially lose and then I may lose a few soup days. But I did talk to her teacher about the ‘negative on the pack lunch issue’. I did say I didn’t like the way they were told they were not as healthy and the unfairness that there are loads of reward schemes for school dinner eaters… Holly does not get a dinner sticker ever because they only go to the school dinnerers. So Holly’s teacher is taking the issue to the head and is going to suggest they introduce ‘healthy pack lunch’ stickers for those guys. Great. Came away feeling quite positive until I get in the car and find out that Holly got told off for having soup again today and apparently she told the head ‘just what you said, Mum’ :S Oh no and oh well! When I asked her what she said to her she did a great job of retelling my whole rant but missed out the bit I told her she should say… the important information being… ‘but my soup is not hot’ Just as well I don’t mind confrontation! I just may be confronted very soon!
Also having said all that in the post before about bookings… we’ve today just been booked for a nice big national conference that we were hoping we’d get into. We thought if anything we’d get a short slot somewhere among a lot of other bands, that they’d probably ask us to play for expenses and we’d not be able to take the full band… na, they’ve asked us to headline their main night and are paying the full amount and its that easy! See… God reads my blog!!! 😉 and thanks massively to John from Myspoon for his recommendation!
Next months pay cheque that I’ve just put in for is enough to cover 4/5 of our mortgage! Amazing help and makes life feel more manageable. Celebrating a nice day by getting loads of my work done tonight and making a carrot cake to have my neighbour over for coffee tomorrow…something it has taken about 6 months to get around to arranging! Money update on its way this evening too! 🙂


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