Day 167: Slightly outraged… and then motivated

So pay cheque arrived trhough the door yesterday – YESSSSSSSSSSSS That means I can get this show on the road and start climbing the debt mountain again.
Annoyed that as I spent all of yesterday afternoon cooking and prepping for this week Holly told me at breakfast that she’d been told off again for having soup in her packed lunch last week as she’s not allowed it in case there was an accident.
I’d understand this if I were sending her in with a mini gas stove… but I’m not… I’m sending her in with a small pot of tepid soup… no, it’s not something many children would be willing to eat but if I happen to have an amazingly good child let me use her! What I am livid about is that today as Holly sits there with her homemade leek and potato soup (containing red onion, garlic, leek potato and water and a bit of boulion) with a slice of homemade wholewheat bread with sundried tomatoes and mixed seeds in, a drink of water, a pot of blueberries and apple and a small carrot, apple and raisin bun… she will be told categorically that the kids eating their school meal of pasta, cheese and rice with sponge and custard are eating more healthily.
We don’t go for school meals because they cost more than we can afford. £1.85 a day adds up to a lot and given the choice I’d also refuse to pay that for a pile of carbs with side portion of carbs… and a pudding of carbs. Carbs are healthy… if balanced with other things… but also it seems evident that carbs are cheap and eaten up by fussy children. I don’t need to feed Holly with sponge with jam in just to get a portion of fruit in her… that seems like the long way round. I do understand the general principle as most kids do turn up with cheese strings, cheddars and a ketchup sandwich and will site off that its nutricious because of the tomatoes and the cheese. Thats because so few people actually understand anything about what they eat… Nothing makes me madder than hearing a preacher come down heavy on the values of keeping their life in order and being good stewards of their finance, their characters and their homes but then make reference to drinking coke or eating mcdonalds… esp if they’ve clearly eaten far too many. Coke is used to clean up blood after road accidents – how is putting something so errosive in your body being a good steward of what you’ve been given? I just don’t get why there is such a lazy attitude towards nutrician. You can invest into giving generously, the work you do, the relationships you have, the home you can share with people and everyone seems to be united in attitude towards doing those things… but don’t invest into your own body and you cut your own life short meaning you fail at investing into all those other amazing things to. If we’ve truly given over our lives as living sacrifices why do we not treat them as they need to be treated… not treat our greedy nature that likes the taste of things even if they’re harmful to what we’ve been given. Do we give a petrol car diesel? no. Do we add jam to the petrol? no. Do we process it and put a cartoon character on the front? no.
I think I may head up to school early today and have another chat about the soup issue.


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