Day 165: Mothers Day

🙂 Its back to being the best time of year… I just love how nice and bright our lounge is in the summer with the garden doors open on a nice day. Our family tradition on each of our birthdays is to have croissants for breakfast in the garden… I love it. Yesterday in the sunshine it reminded me how much I really do love that.
I’d discounted a huge bunch of mothers day flowers. I thought they’d be too expensive and extravagant spending. I don’t normally get any but this year they all looked so pretty and I just for a few minutes thought about how nice it would be to get a really beautiful vase of flowers to put in the lounge and tidy up the coffee table so that it wasn’t covered in Holly’s class lists that she insists on writing a hundred of every day. So then I realised that actually if a big bunch of flowers was going to make me happy for at least the week it would be better and actually cheaper to do that as my mothers day treat rather than do the traditional thing everyone else seems to do of going out for a meal. I’m just not a foodie – so I hate how much a meal out spends on food. I don’t enjoy a good meal any more than I’d enjoy some homemade bread and soup so whats the point in going somewhere dark and dingy to pay loads for a meal when actually what would be the best thing in the world right now is flowers that I love looking at and the kids to make us a snacky lunch (with help from Dad) so thats what we’ve done today… we treated ourselves to bagels and wensleydale with cranberry – for a change from full flavour value cheddar – salad and fruit. Had a picnic in our lounge with the flowers close by 🙂 Happy day.
Its also a happy day as I am totally blessed to have the most amazing and beautiful children ever… as well as a wonderful mum of my own who now has moved on from knitting hats (now that we have about 500 wooly hats too many) and now can make cardigans for the children too – for that I am grateful… and she too has some new nice flowers.

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