Day 160: Update

Well cheques have almost cleared… some have and some have not but I’ve re paid off the petrol I had to put on my overdraft and paid off a nice £300 onto the medium credit card… taking us from £1,903.49 D to £1,603.49 D… not bad in one day (although actually its a bit depressing that if that 9 had just accidentally spun round all by itself I would have got there much easier … it doesnt LOOK as exciting a change as £300 should do really does it!)

So the other thing on my mind is that I’m deciding whether I might now end my clothes buying fast. I’ve actually done 7 months… I could carry on but I’m just not sure if I want to. The only thing keeping me going is that fact that I said a year… I was only challenged to 6 months… but that’s the battle of wills that I’m dealing with… do I want to aim too high and fail that… but have got further than I would have? or do I want to succeed in what I set out to do…? Tough one. Its the same thing as deciding to try to pay off 7,000 in 100 days… lets face it… its unlikely (although not impossible) that I’ll manage the 6,500 or whatever is left in the next 40 days… but I’m glad I aimed for it. I don’t think I mind if I lose… it’s the taking part that counts.
So with the clothes thing… I can’t afford any anyway… but I like the idea that I could if I happened to come across something amazing then I would be allowed to consider it. Its just no fun thinking ‘no I can’t have that’ and I’m not sure the enjoyment of getting to the end of the year will give me as much enjoyment as I get from thinking about whether or not I can afford something. Eg. Yesterday on the disney website – amazingly cute alice in wonderland dress for £60… Holly would love it for her party. NO WAY would I spend £60 on a child’s dress… but I DO actually enjoy that thought process and the freedom to decide no. And here’s the other thing… My black boots are knackered… so I started to wear my brown cowboy boots instead and yesterday I noticed a big hole in the side of them 😦 Now I will get it mended… but I don’t want everything I own to fall apart 😦 I’ve owned those boots for 6 years and I bought them from asda. I’m not the sort of person with hundreds of shoes… for a posh dress occasion I have aprox 2 pairs of shoes… I NEVER would buy I pair of shoes for a wedding or something… If I had, say, a purple dress for a wedding… well I have burgandy shoes or gold… so neither of them go… so I’d accessorise the dress up a bit and make some sort of gold or burgandy belt just to make the shoes match in a ‘this dress is a bit miss matchy and clashing is good’ sort of way. In fact for the last wedding I went to I wore my ‘hole in the side’ cowboy boots and some designy type commented on how she loved how I’d put them together with my dress as though she thought I’d purposefully left my fabulous wedding shoes at home and opted for these as a cutting edge fashion decision. So its not as though I’m just embarrassed to be walking around in ‘last seasons shoe’ but that if these fall apart then I’m stuck. Also all my shoes (that don’t come from asda) are from ebay. This is my shoe rule… find a good shoe wait a month or two… find them on ebay… done! My staple gig shoes are a pair of boots I got as an amazing ebay find just because I knew the shoe, I’d tried them on at £70 in the shop and knew them well… up they come in a really bad photo on ebay and I knew them well enough to recognise them… mine for about £8. I miss savvy opportunistic shopping and I am so good at it!


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  1. Congratulations on doing 7 months, Mandy – you clearly love clothes and bargain hunting so I'm sure it hasn't been easy. Do you set a budget for how you're going to spend each month, so could you allocate some money for clothes from that? Or could some of the money you do get for Golddigger be earmarked for clothes? Then you could spend without feeling guilty and save it up from one month to the next if there isn't something you want to buy. I have a small amount each month that's earmarked for clothes and I find it really helpful to know that I can spend that on myself!


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