Day 156: Good people

Just got back from a gig we did last night in Cornwall so blanket and Saturday night TV rule tonight! So yesterday could have been a disaster sort of day… we set off at 9 from the office and drove for 6 hours with one stop to jump up and down and grab a sandwich and arrived late afternoon for set up in Cornwall. About 10 minutes before we arrived I started to feel really rough. I had a headache, I’d been concentrating on driving for 6 hours and I was fed up of sitting still but then added to all of this I started feeling really sick. I thought 10 mins chilling out at the venue before starting set up would get rid of all that but it just got worse and worse. I was no use and an hour before the gig started I’d spent the whole time I’d been there shaking , shivering and feeling fluey and I’d been sick twice. The venue had put on an amazing tea but I couldn’t go anywhere near it and just felt terrible. I forced myself to sound check and just decided I’d get on stage and do what I could and if I needed a sick bucket back stage then I’d just have to do that. Phoned my yummy family and they all prayed for me. Started to feel better and managed the whole performance and felt fine. Thank you God! It ended up being a really good gig. It wasn’t a particularly big crowd but there were parts of our teaching where it stood out that it was really key and significant for some of these young people… which is really what its all about and does make all of it totally worth it. This morning on leaving the people’s house we’d stayed with they gave us a bunch of flowers each (and chocolates for AJ) and had given each of us a lovely card with extra money just to bless us… and in mine another envelope with more money for my children for lending me out to go all the way to Cornwall 🙂 Totally lovely and not only is it really really helpful in our situations its also the best encouragement that what we’re doing is actually worth it. To know that a youth leader who’s agenda is caring for the development in their own network of young people to tell us that we’ve hit the mark with that group that we don’t actually know is a real encouragement and made us really happy! SO family day to Chatsworth might just be covered now!

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