Day 154: Buy One, GIVE ONE FREE

Well I HAVE looked at the balance… I’m STILL waiting for some expenses but today’s post on all that is over-ridden because of this… we’re really excited for Golddigger to be releasing a debut album later this year. Thats exciting enough… but more excitingly – as the whole heart behind what we do is positive messages to young people – we’re tying in that with the album in more than just content. You CAN pre-order the album and get a free poster… but don’t do that…pre order the album and one will be delivered to you and one will be given on your behalf to a disadvantaged young person somewhere in Sheffield. Not only that but you also then have the chance to write an affirming positive message which will be written on a little card and put inside the CD so that the young person will get that and know its been bought for them… How amazing to be given a gift – that you know someone has paid for (not just a freebie) and a personal message. I’m really excited and its been even more exciting as we’re starting to get the messages in… I can’t wait to write mine!
Order from here x

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