Day 153: The best birthday cards

So there have been no money updates for a few days/weeks :S Sorry… the money is not collecting as quickly as is necessary for those sort of posts to be anything other than depressing and truth be told I just don’t really want to see my bank balance at the moment. However… being inspired by lovely creative ideas like this I have copied this great idea for birthday cards. Check this uninspiring selection of cheap cards…

I particularly am not digging the ‘fake Bratz doll’ one… so generally as there are aprox 30 birthday parties to go to per year per child you have that’s potentially a lot of cards. Now, to be honest I rarely buy a card ever… but though I have a standard of making them I can normally never find one when in a rush for a kids party so end up just going with the present and ‘the card must have fallen off’ option… but these ideas for valentines (thank goodness we don’t have to do valentines for the whole class in this country!) are so cute and I’ve just had a nice craft session with the kids making these and we LOVE them. Pretty much the easiest thing to do… though Elijah was more wriggly and it was difficult to get him to stand where I wanted him, look at the camera and make a fist… too much to do at one time for him.
How to: 1.Get a kid, 2. Say ‘stand there are make a fist’. 3. Click to take the picture, 4. Upload to photoshop and write Happy Birthday on it, 5. Save to a memory sick, 6. Scoot down to tesco, 7. Get them processed while you go to the sweets section and pick up some lollies, come home with it all 8. Slit just above and below the fist and stick the lolly through. BOOM! Cost… 28p. You can even bring the cost down by registering with tesco online photos – you get 40 free 6 by 4 prints and I did go for the premium lolly – chupa chups… you can get cheaper… but -you know what – why not spalsh out on a chupa chup for 13p when tesco value imitation bratz doll card rolls in at 45p!


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