Day 152: Party planning

… so I’m not going too far ahead of myself with this but did have the thought that I am going to document what I do and how I plan my kids parties this year. I do tend to start planning really early to spread the cost and because I make as much as I can… so I’m interested to know what that means I do actually spend. This is the first year we’re doing both the children their own party… Elijah’s just starting to get invited to his own parties now so its about time he got his own. I do absolutely love all of it and though most parties happen at big play centres I don’t get at all envious that we can’t afford the £10 a head for the whole class…there’s something much more special about having it at home, transforming the whole house, getting facepaints all over the carpets, manically baking and being in a big old squash for the day. I totally love it! So average class party at big playcentre… aprox £300. Throw in a craft activity and you’re talking much more. Some friends paid £17 a head for a kids party at a centre in Sheffield for a T shirt painting party. It was extortionate but fun but the pens and paints they supplied weren’t even fabric pens as we found out when all the children’s hard work came off in the wash!
Holly has always loved picking her party themes. Age 3 and 1 she planned for her and Elijah to have a Princess and Pirates party, 4 and 2 it was Lions and Ballerinas… fairly less obvious but then we made everything and she designed the invites, last year it was woodland fairies (and ladybugs for Elijah) and this year we’re going for Mad Hatter’s tea party for Holly and Monsters party for Elijah…The aims is to bring it in at way under this cost but without resorting to cheap tack. Go!

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