Day 145: Can you see that!?

Well I am about to go out and spend some money on a tonne of photo prints – Holly has her ‘celebrating my life’ presentation at school this week so the pressures on to make our family life sound wonderfully interesting and put up loads of lovely pictures… which I do have hundreds of now but feel a bit sad that the only baby photos I have of Holly were taken off my rubbish phone as we didn’t own a camera when she was born 😦 BUT can you see my jar?!! If you are familiar with big notes you’ll know an orange one is £10, a red one (no – I’ve never had one of those) is £50 and this lovely purple one is a £20… and I HAVE TWO IN MY JAR!!! What is it about cash that is so much more exciting? 40 quid in my bank would be a big worry… but 40 quid in a jar – that’s LOADS!
Well this can all go to the bank today… all together there’s £50.31 (and 2 cents) taking me down to £1837.21 D !! (and 2 cents credit that maybe doesn’t help all that much.)

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