Day 144: Finished at last

Not my debt paying… that is not finished… I didn’t just come by £7000 since midnight last night so that can not have happened… but I am probably just as pleased to have finished off my very own jumper/cropped cardy thing! I bought the wool and started this about 18 months ago… and its taken me a really really long time… The trouble is that I can’t really knit very well… and I like complicated patterns. This one was ok but when I got to a bit that I didn’t understand I had to wait for Joel’s mum – who lives in Malawi – to plan a trip over so that I could ask her to help me (or more accurately ‘do that bit for me’) so I’ve actually slightly broken my no shopping ban to buy the remaining 2 buttons I needed – which cost £1.20.
I made a jumper!!! Its lovely cosy rowan wool – which is expensive but so nice – and so though its actually cropped (I may post a better picture when I’ve not just tried on the finished thing for the first time and still in my PJs!) it is really snuggly warm… perfect timing to have finished it to get the coldest month of the year to wear it 😀

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