Day 140: Pic n Mix

We had a nice ‘date night’ last night… We have an amazing lady who does everything in the community and has 6 children of her own but every so often she comes round to babysit for us and gives us money for a meal out… itsn’t that ridiculously and amazingly lovely 🙂
On the way home from wherever we’ve been we always seem to go to Tesco… sad but true… I think we like wandering round Tesco together when we’ve not got the kids… there’s something exciting about supermarkets without small children when you normally have to amuse them the whole time you’re there… so our plan on the way home last night was…’Yay! Tesco for a Pic n Mix’! Pix n Mix is a new addition to Tesco here and of course its exciting… pic n mix is cool… but last night we came across the fundamental error that pic n mix and tesco just doesn’t work… its totally impossible. How can you look at pic n mix mini eggs – which you know look like mini eggs but taste a bit of old glue and it not draw your attention to the fact that you could get a whole pack of proper mini eggs from the next aisle along… or a big chunk of fudge that actually tastes of oil and costs 5 times more than the nice fudge in the sweets section… you just can’t do it…
So we came home from our trip for pic n mix with a small packet of mini eggs, some CD printer labels which I needed for work and were the ‘managers special’ at £1 and minnie and micky mouse plates for the children for a quid (and that was our impulse buy splurge)

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