Day 139: not fooled

Well today’s been an interesting one… spent the morning being coached by Joel – who has been on a coaching course, then clothes shopping for him – which he obviously brainwashed me into in his coaching tactics, then collected Elijah – a bit more coaching, me and the little boy made some olive bread, made a vegie lasagne to last mos of the week then went for Holly to have surprise family time… as Joel was away this weekend… so todays surprise was a walk in the woods and a hot chocolate and a little choose at Cocoa on Ecclesall Rd, also this afternoon received some bad news that some friends had their first scan for their baby and no heart beat was detected. We came home, cooked the lasagne, ate and I went over to theirs with some others to pray for that situation… and tomorrow they go back and hopefully that situation will have turned. So my head is a bit all over the place today… not really sure which bits to try to make sense of so instead I’ll just report that I’ve just received 3 emails from of numbers all with a click me and log in link… I don’t fall for it… and its most certainly trying to scam me for my login… obviously blissfully unaware that they don’t really gain anything if they manage to access my bank account! but it does make me angry that people are trying to get away with that! Like, what can you do?

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