Day 134: Turning a corner

Well I was starting to feel a bit down about the debt issue… Over the last few months, sure, we’ve had Christmas and a few appliance disasters but with all my good intentions to get rid of all debt in 100 days we’ve ended up in deeper debt than we were before. I’m not so surprised at that as just a bit sad that that is just how things stand when we actually have spent as little as possible on Christmas, food and not only am I not buying clothes but I’m also making an effort not to buy anything the children don’t need – and enjoying a lot of cast offs (Elijah’s managed to get himself a pair of nike trainers and hunter wellies off a very kind friend with a little boy with a shoe size up from him!) and Joel practically never buys anything. Its depressing to not be able to manage without going into debt with out all of that as well as not being able to pay anything off… and considering things didn’t seem like that a few months ago I don’t really even get it.
However… today an expenses cheque cleared and I’ve managed to pay £200 into the smallest credit card… and £200 over to see us through to the end of the month – which I can hopefully pay most of onto pay that card off and start on a new one! That will be good… so thats good even on a month where my pay cheque has actually been £10. Yes £10!
So back to it… balance on the big cards … still big. Balance on small card £99… end of the week lets have that!

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