Day 131: Starting to earn a bit…

Well at least being busy stops me spending… tomorrow we drive to Camberly, starting the day at 10 am and coming home hopefully by Saturday mid afternoon… for which I’ll earn £40. Plus points…1. at least I earn £40 2. i love my job 3. I get to share some good stuff with some young people 4. I get to perform songs I’ve written 5. I’ve never been to Camberly 6. We have a new projector screen and I’m well excited about that and ooooh 7. We have some well cool little single cards to sell… they’re cards with a unique code to download our media rules single… and for a design loving person like me they are REALLY REALLY good!
So I don’t know where I’ll be staying tomorrow night but that’s normally either nice or random – one of those is fine and the other one is normally funny!

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