Day 130: Bank charges

Over the last few weeks…trying to get stuff to pay off, having loads of bits an pieces to pay for… dishwasher, car tyres etc… we’ve incurred some of those nasty horrid bank charges again 😦 … no more days off the money watch!
Still… I am managing a blog today… tonights things to do list is done all apart from ‘dye my hair’ so for half ten thats not to bad… just been ripping up material for the backdrop and video editing… hopefully we now have everything we need ready for the tour and tomorrow night wont be a manic one. Even despite the stress of the week I managed to have a coffee with Rachel today and have a successful baking session with both of the children… Elijah made some little snowballs… I was very proud of him and Holly some pretty pink cupcakes… I love my kids.

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