Day 129: Not forgotton

I haven’t forgotton to blog… I do keep remembering and just not getting time… and I’ve been busy spending work money on work stuff so as long as I remember to claim it all I’ve not been spending. GoldDigger start the Media Rules tour this week and so the last few weeks we’ve been busy trying to get it all ready as well as keep on top of the other things that are coming up like scary schools presentations, booking contracts, merchandise orders and the rest of the year. It seems people wait until January and then sort everything out… so our office has been a hive of all phonecalls and emails of people getting back to work to sort things out. Good though… bookings mean we’re doing what we set out to do as well as getting paid a little something to help things along the way. I’m really excited actually. We’ve made this tour really cheap just so that its easy for poeple to afford to book us… and are saying we’re cutting it back to the very basics just so its affordable… however we’ve actually put far more into planning this than ever before and actually we’ll be delivering our best yet… we’ve just worked on loads of media stuff to make our set all run together better and look more impressive… it doesn’t matter how good your performance is when you’re stood in front of some messy notice board and stuffed in the corner of a room… so our 4m big projector screen backdrop will be amazing!!! We’re pulling together loads of songs with teaching points all based around what we call the ‘media rules’ (which is the name of one of our songs) and taking one rule at a time the media try to make us live our lives by that we might not have realised isnt really true… so I’m excited about teaching some young people some really cool stuff… In fact here’s one of the things we’re getting ready… we don;t even know where the bulk of this text came from but we’ve always loved it … somehow came through YFC with Rach… (someone out there needs finding and asking permission really!) and I’ve added a bit in… and made it into a very simple video… with a big gap at the end and terrible recording quality – the BBC don’t tend to record their voiceovers in garageband in their lounge… but i have secured myself a voice-over related favour from our producer… so this can all be tidied up at some stage when life has a bit more space in it!


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